Polar Care Cube Could make You Invincible

Polar Care Cube Could make You Invincible

Velcro wraps are not included with all these pads. Weapon Therapy pads include suitable velcro straps for securing around your body and are specialized for various physique components and help in providing temperature particular cold therapy. Our all-new Tremendous Saver Combo Pack comes full with Breg Polar Care Cube Cold Therapy System, Breg Weapon Cold Therapy Pad, and Breg Sterile Insulation Barrier. Breg Polar Pad products are used for: Post Operative, Arthroscopic Procedures, Reconstructive Procedures, Plastic Surgical procedure, Normal Surgery, Publish-Trauma, Chronic Ache, and Physical Therapy use. Comply with these Operating Directions, and thoroughly learn the Product Insert see pouch on the side of unit and the Chilly Therapy Pad Fitting Directions provided with each Chilly Therapy Pad before using them.

Press down two metal tabs to disconnect the unit and cold therapy pad. Cryotherapy shouldn’t be utilized by persons with Diabetes, Raynaud’s or other vasospastic illness, cold hypersensitivity, or compromised local circulation. How to use Polar Care Cube Cold Therapy? Use of an insulation barrier between the pad. The Barrier System is a must while using Chilly Therapy System. Having a barrier just isn’t solely  helpful. It’s a should when utilizing any cold therapy machine. The patient’s pores and skin is extremely recommended. The Polar Care Cube may be cold sufficient to trigger serious injury, including full pores and skin necrosis. Proper use requires an insulation barrier between the pad and your skin.

When to make use of Polar Care Cube Chilly Therapy Unit? After use, empty and dry the unit with a comfortable cloth. Unplug the unit earlier than removing the lid. Observe these Working Instructions, and carefully read the Product Insert see the pouch on the aspect of the unit. The Cold Therapy Pad Fitting Directions supplied with every Cold Therapy Pad before use. I will learn and carefully observe the manufacturer’s instructions provided with the unit. As such, you will need to be constantly vigilant for nerve damage when you’re utilizing the Breg Polar Care Cube. Breg Polar Pads’ ergonomic design covers the iced body half and affected person consolation. The Chilly Therapy System offers 6 – eight hours of effortless cold therapy for making a sooner recovery following a surgical procedure.

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